About Fabio

From working-class family in Recife, Brazil to all-star event designer in the heart of New York City, Fabio has been honing his craft his entire life. In his mother’s cozy 15-seat restaurant he learned at a young age how to leave customers with a lasting impression of his charm. In the open-air markets of Brazil he discovered the rich produce, grains, meats, and flowers that would eventually be staples of his business. The sights, sounds, and smells of his culture continue to make their way into his work today, and can be seen clearly in all of his major events in New York.

Even in his early days in the big city, working as a penniless dishwasher at a major local restaurant, he had an eye for style and sophistication. He would save entire paychecks just so he could experience the best dining, clothing, and nightlife that the city had to offer. It wasn’t long before he began to build his own following. Soon, he had a chance to meet the upswelling of demand from loyal, longstanding clients by opening his own shop in December 2013. Fab Arruda has since been known as the premiere event designer in New York City, leaving its mark on all the high-profile social gatherings with elegantly arranged bouquets.

Floral Design

Some artists use paint while others use clay, but for Fabio, the only artistic medium that can truly express the beauty of nature are flowers. Since a young age, he has been learning how to work with the sights and smells of these natural bursts of color, and they have remained the cornerstone of his business since day one. Anything from perfectly arranged bouquets to lush and lavish floral installations are his specialty, and you will be surprised at what he can do.

Professional floral design can take many shapes and sizes, but a good event designer knows that selecting the right varieties of flower is crucial to the overall look and feel of the space. Whether you are going for a radiant elegance, a colorful vibrancy, or something that captures the fresh air of springtime, Fabio has the experience and vision to make your dreams come true.

Event planning

You know you want to make your next event exceed all your guests’ expectations, but wrapping your head around all of the design, location, transportation, cost, and other details is often a much bigger challenge than anticipated. But never fear! Fabio has experience planning all of New York’s highest-profile events. Whether you are a business or individual, he is ready to tailor your experience perfectly to your needs.

It takes a special eye for the details, and nobody has a proven track record quite like Fabio. Take a look at how he can help:

  • In-depth consultations that ensure Fabio understands your needs
  • Staff coordination
  • Site selection and inspection to make sure you get the perfect venue
  • Meet the needs of your budget, whatever that may be

Or anything else you think is important! With Fabio, the sky is the limit, and he is committed to making your event as great as it can be.

Event Catering

Since his days preparing the authentic cuisine of his native Brazil, Fabio has been building his repertoire of sweet, savory, and stunning dishes to share with his New York clientele. Today, he lends his refined palate and sense of style to the many clients who rely on his expertise to make their events special. Regardless of what dishes your guests fancy, Fabio is ready to handle all of the details of your event’s menu.

Fabio has experience working with dozens of big-name corporations, handling their catering and ensuring that all of their guests leave with a unique new experience. He understands that presentation is just as important as flavor, and will put his expertise as an event planner to good use. By thinking of the food as one component of the overall event, he will make sure that the quality matches your expectations. Put beautifully arranged platters and mouth-watering dishes at the center of your next event.